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Incresing Affiliate Revenue Case Study

How Competitive Insight Increased Affiliate Revenue by over 350% For A Leading Craft Supplies Company

See how Competitive Insight helped give one of the UK’s leading craft supply companies an increase in their affiliate revenue by over 350%, their sessions by over 350% and their total number of referral partners by a whopping 1200%

As one of the leading craft supply company’s was preparing for rapid growth they required an intelligent solution for growing their previously neglected affiliate program. This is where Competitive Insight was brought in to conduct research, program management, promotion, relationship management and outreach.

Rapidly Expanding eCommerce Business With Increasing Stock Range

When this craft company were in the process of adding far higher ticket items to their range, outreach was desperately needed as their existing customer base was not the correct target market for machines and high-end art supplies. Competitive Insight was able to survey the entire influencer landscape to identify the best targets that would require the least amount of advertising fees for product placement and in many cases were able to gain referral links back to high-end supplies without products needing to be sent to the influencer. Competitive Insight was also able to gain link placements on videos with many millions of views without any need for advertising fees outside the initial referral payment rate.

Beyond Influencers & Affiliates: Brand Partner Discovery

Competitive Insight played a vital role in discovering up and coming creative talent in order for the craft company in question to expand their original line of products. As our agency had previous experience with working in highly creative industries, we have an eye for distinguishing which influencers can increase sales and which of those rare few can successfully inform a popular line of products. Our competitive research audit listed influencers and affiliates separated by fifteen major territories and included metrics on the following: name, dominant social channel, follower count, engagement level, key insights, contact details, and status as well as which brands they are currently working with. As we knew the commission structure of competing arts and craft retailers we were often able to offer new referral partners a better deal for choosing to promote the supplies of our client.


Competitive Insight increased the client’s affiliate revenue and sessions by over 350% and their total number of referral partners by a whopping 1200%

How Is Competitive Insight Different To Other Agencies?

We believe that the devil is in the detail and that you can gain a competitive advantage over any competitor you have (no matter how much they are dominating your particular niche) by studying and improving on their existing content, SEO and partnership placements. We are a team consisting of seasoned SEO professionals, business owners and software engineers who worked across the financial sectors, SaaS, eCommerce and luxury goods at both B2B and B2C levels. It all starts with competitive insight, email us today at to see how we can help your company’s growth.