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Increasing B2B SaaS Signups

How We Increased Sign Ups By 297% For A Top B2B SAAS Startup

When an innovative technology Startup was approaching the task of how to grow their traffic exponentially, they chose to bring on Competitive Insight to manage content strategy, link building and digital PR alongside scaling sustainable content production.

Technology Leader Ever-Expanding Their Features, Solutions, Use Cases

As this SaaS platform worked to increase the use cases that their technology could be used to solve, alongside the addition of new software, improved UI and customer-requested features, targeted promotion and digital PR were vital to communicate that this bootstrapped startup had everything to give its users. Even in a space where 99% of their competitors are seed funded.

Competitive Insight were able to easily keep up with competitor keyword growth whilst working with a fraction of the budget that Silicon Valley based competitors were spending on cloud technology podcasts and conference placements (which could easily be in upwards of $20,000 for promotional packages).

Niche Content Creation & Specialist Knowledge

Many B2B SaaS marketers are peddling a content strategy that is stuck all the way back in 2017, where you would often see lead generation content that was obviously written by a content marketer without much knowledge on the subject at hand

This lack of technical insight is unlikely to win conversions from key decision-makers, engineers or CTOs as these marketers fail to realise that their keyword research process is being informed by high volume queries that are only asked by first-year computer science students.

The growth of boutique technical content agencies such as IAmOnDemand, LeadPanda & DamnGravity is indicative of the knowledge gap between marketers of yesterday and the technical content strategists of tomorrow.


Competitive Insight increased the client’s organic traffic by 220% and their organic keywords for highly relevant terms by 380% by focusing on well-researched content creation, collaboration with complementary technology leaders & sustainable link building from carefully curated sources. The link partners we selected all had a sustainable track record of netting number 1-3 placements for the sites that they had previously worked with.

Platform sign-ups during this period also increased by 297% with increased interest being expressed by enterprise clients as a result of pivoting content creation away from beginner engineering subjects (which the competition often selected for their keyword targeting).

Within the past six months alone impressions in Search Console have increased by an additional million and clicks have increased by another 25,000 with average position and CTR ever-improving for relevant terms.